About Us

Hey, fellow gamers! Welcome to TechGlobo, the only site you’ll need for all things gaming. I am Ganga Podiami, whose imagination drives this world of pixels.

Ever since I was a child, playing computer games has not just been my pastime only but more like a style of life. From my first experience of feverish button-punching on my best-loved console to the present-day heated battles in multiplayer, I have always been in love with video games.

However, TechGlobo is not all about me; it is about each one of us who is fond of digital landscapes. This way we don’t just deliver game releases and hottest title reviews; we dive into gaming and wander through every pixel and storyline rewriting everything from the level 1 adventurer stepping into an unknown dungeon.

Our mission is simple – as our fellow gamers provide you with the most detailed, insightful and amusing coverage of the universe that is gaming. For both amateurs and veterans in the industry, we offer something. From analysis and reviews to news updates and interviews that break new ground, we give you this under one roof which is called TechGlobo.

But games aren’t what we’re here for; they are what we are here for. To us: Gaming isn’t a hobby; it’s also a communication network among people from various spheres of life. The impact brought by playing alone or competing together even on international platforms makes it one like no other.

Well then if you want the latest updates on new games out there, find some hidden nuggets or just talk nerdily about your favorite titles welcome aboard guys! We hope you enjoy staying up-to-date with new releases, finding some hidden gems or simply geeking out over your most loved games at any time. But whether you visit our site because you seek information about recent issues relating to gaming or search for unknown jewels, we are excited to have you with us. I am therefore pleased to welcome you to our TechGlobo family where the journey never ends and the spawning is just nearby.

Ganga Podiami

TechGlobo Founder