Little Kitty, Big City Review: A Delightful Cat Adventure

Starting with a new indie game called “Little Kitty, Big City,” one gets an opportunity to see the world from the perspective of this cat who is always curious about everything. Made by Double Dagger Studio, it talks about an adventure game for kids in which they follow a little kitten through various interesting places within a city until it returns home.

Gameplay: Embrace Your Inner Cat

The gameplay in Little Kitty, Big Cit revolves around exploring the vibrant urban environment and engaging in typical cat behaviours.

You can jump, swipe at objects, meow, and even perform zoomies – short bursts of high-energy running. The game teaches you these actions early on so that you become completely one with this feline inside you.

One nice thing is how much players are allowed to do with their environment. For instance, one could tip over plant pots, grab food away from other characters or even trip people walking along just as seen in Untitled Goose Game.

Nonetheless, regardless of your having such fun as exhibited by acts done by cats, Little Kitty maintains its good-naturedness directed towards families such that there are no any real consequences for your mischievous behaviour like a cat’s.

Little Kitty, Big City Review

Story: A Whimsical Journey

It starts off with a catnap that turns into an exciting journey through the bustling city streets. What you want to do is find your way home, but on your way, there will be many distractions and side quests.

Some of these are assisting other cute little animals, fulfilling personal errands, or just exploring the alive bustling urban landscape.

The narrative is charming and whimsical with a sense of humour; it captures the playful spirit of a cat in a perfect manner.

According to the game’s director Matt T. Wood, the real goal is not to rush back home but rather to realize one’s curiosity and mischief as a cat living in a big town.

Visuals: Bright and Cartoony

Little Kitty, Big City has bright and cartoony visuals which contrast with Stray’s realistic futurism. There’s so much personality in the characters, especially in the main character who is an adorable black cat with eerie green eyes.

The city is enormous and diverse, and you’ll find so much to see. Dressing up your cat with a range of cute hats is one way the game’s visuals are improved, such as changing your pet into a bug or witch.

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Conclusion: A Must-Play for Cat Lovers

Little Kitty, Big City is an awesome wholesome adventure game that truly captures what it means to be a cat. It must be played by those who adore cats or want to have fun in a light-hearted warm & fuzzy game because of its adorable graphics, addictive gameplay and enchanting storyline.

Although the demo and trailers were released just recently, many fans have already been eagerly waiting for the release of the game which is still under development but scheduled to hit the market in early 2024.

Because of its special combination of feline behaviourisms with a cozy-warm atmosphere Little Kitty, Big City will surely resonate with both young and old players alike.

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