Still Wakes the Deep Review: A Terrifying and Unsettling Game

Still wakes the deep is a bone chilling horror game that brings players to an offshore oil rig set in 1970s. Secret Mode published it, whereas The Chinese Room developed it. It’s all about suspense, tension, and strong narrative with great atmospheric presentation in this game as the developers achieve their goals effectively.

Below is a complete review of this thrilling horror experience.

Setting and Story

Still Wakes the Deep Review

Players find themselves on Beira D oil rig located on the North Atlantic Ocean and take Control over Cameron “Caz” McLeary, a Scottish electrician looking for refuge from certain legal issues there.

This setting is very detailed because of its industrial layout and extremely harsh conditions surrounding Northern Sea which make people feel distant from civilization.

Caz moves around the platform as he discovers what caused disaster there while trying to survive against unknown forces.

Atmosphere and Sound Design

The atmosphere in “Still Wakes the Deep” is tense and foreboding, with noises from machinery on board the rig making one feel uneasy especially when combined with sounds of a storm outside that can even be heard from inside one’s cabin.

Its sound design is exceptional where every creak, groan, scream or any other noise makes you shiver from fear. The graphics are just as amazing; they are full of details full realism characters’ models.

Gameplay and Interactions

Exploration and survival are central to the gameplay mechanics of ‘‘Still Wakes The Deep’’. Just like real life risks avoided by these brave souls who walk in dark corners of this arena.

To increase player involvement there are numerous interactions such as simple puzzles or complicated tests implemented within it.

Voice acting was done so well here that I still cannot believe my ears; all accents were right; this is really cool.

Technical Aspects

There have not been any major bugs or performance issues reported, it is running smoothly on all platforms.

It has been developed using the Unreal Engine 5 technology which has perfectly optimized this game for seamless play with no lags whatsoever.

The graphics are mind-blowing; they are detailed environments and realistic character models that come to life.


Still Wakes the Deep is full of tension and suspense that captures the audience completely. The setting, atmosphere and sound design in this game combine together giving one an unease feeling that he/she can hardly shift from his/her mind.

This game should therefore not be missed by those who love horror genres due to its technical excellencies and captivating gameplay.

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